shared throughout the program in ways that the students will never forget"

His love for music and the true meaning of hip hop was

Kathryn Angle 

Teacher at Lincolnshire Elem.

"He shared a message that captivated the students’ hearts and the teachers as well.


Hip Hop artist, Spence, has a love for music, but an even greater love for the community it speaks to.


With over 15 years of performing and communication

experience, in public and faith-based venues, Spence can connect with audiences of all ages, and has a desire to creatively invoke response and resonation. 


Spence leverages the motivational platform of Hip Hop music and culture to expound on messages of self-awareness, determination, proactivity, prevention, and leadership.


With his Make Noise tour, Spence is prompting youth to identify their true “noise” and take a stand for their purpose and potential in life.

"Spence delivered his message "Make Noise" to parents and students in a way that made sense to them.  His ability to relate to students and their families is incredible.  Through the use of audio and visual technology, Spence created a level of engagement in our students and their families that is often sought after and rarely seen."

Mercedes Johnson

Student Intervention at Antietam Academy